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Cobra’s new King F8 drivers offer built-in smart technology—and are longer than ever

December 14, 2017

With the flash we’ve come to expect from Cobra, the King F8 and King F8+ drivers are pushing club head speeds to new limits. Both clubs (along with Cobra’s King F8 fairway woods, hybrids and irons) showcase built-in smart technology from Arccos Golf. A sensor in the grip relays shot data to the COBRA CONNECT/Arccos 360 app on your smartphone, which allows you to track the distance and accuracy of your shots. The app also provides GPS-based distances for more than 40,000 courses worldwide.

High-tech bling doesn’t mean a thing, however, if the club isn’t built right. The key to the fast King F8 design is the fully machined forged face, which is CNC-milled to control thickness. The result is a thinner face than the F7, but a bigger sweet area and more flex and distance on mis-hits. The face is also 10 percent lighter, which helps position the center of gravity (CG) low and back in the head for optimum launch and stability on off-center hits. The lightweight titanium body and carbon-fiber crown, meanwhile, further contribute to higher trajectories and increased forgiveness.

A series of aerodynamic “trips” (referred to as “360° Aero Technology” by the company) arranged around the club head perimeter are designed to breakup airflow and reduce drag for faster head speed and more distance. In addition, an updated sole design on the King F8 uses two movable weights (12 grams and 2 grams) to dial in the CG—place the heavier one in the back position for a higher launch and greater MOI, or in the heel for added draw bias. The adjustable hosel provides eight loft options, from 9° to 12°, and three draw settings: 9°, 9.5°, 9.5° Draw, 10.5°, 10.5° Draw, 11.5°, 11.5° Draw and 12°).

The King F8+,which has a smaller profile for greater workability, also features 12- and 2-gram weights in the back and front center of the sole for ball-flight tuning—moving the heavier weight closer to the face produces a more penetrating flight, while setting it in the back increases launch and spin. The King F8+ also features a CNC-milled forged face, 360° Aero Technology and an adjustable hosel. Lofts run 8°, 8.5°, 8.5° Draw, 9°, 9.5° Draw, 10°, 10.5° Draw and 11°.

The King F8 and King F8+ ($400) will hit stores in black and gray on January 12, 2018.