Cobra King F6 Hybrid Review: ClubTest 2016

April 19, 2016



CATEGORY: Game Improvement Hybrids
PRICE: $200
WE TESTED: 3-4 (20.5°, adjusts 19° to 22°), 4-5 (23.5°, adjusts 22° to 25°) with Matrix Red Tie HQ4 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Each head has three degrees of loft adjustment.


PLAYABILITY: Compact head launches shots easily; strong performer in difficult lies; straight, mediumtrajectory flight, although better players will find it plenty workable.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Real confidence booster — reliable forgiveness and accuracy; even toe hits track back to center, and thin ones roll out near the target.
DISTANCE: One of its real strengths — great, dependable length; you have the ability to adjust loft and tweak distances to fit gaps in your bag; recovers well on misses.
FEEL: All you need to know about impact: Well-struck shots impart a satisfying, energetic launch, while misses are acknowledged but not punished.
LOOK: Traditional shape paired with the high-tech features boost tester confidence; glossy black paint job blends nicely with accent lines around the edge of the head; sets up nice and square, no matter how you tweak the hosel.


If you’re scared off by small heads, look elsewhere; some guys say it’s more interested in adding distance than hunting pins; higherhandicappers might prefer a bit more forgiveness.

BOTTOM LINE: The only loft-adjustable Game Improvement hybrid tested, the King F6 has the versatility of an iron, the length of a fairway wood, and the ability to fill any gap. As one of the top models, it’s worth a look when you’re ready to upgrade your long game.


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