Cobra Fly-Z Irons Review: ClubTest 2015

March 5, 2015

Cobra Fly-Z Irons


Category: Game-Improvement Irons
Price: $700-800, steel; $900, graphite
4–GW with KBS CPI-1005 steel shaft and 6–GW with Matrix VLCT Altus 65 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A Speed Channel groove in the sole and behind the face works with an undercut cavity to boost the club’s trampoline effect.


PLAYABILITY: Favors function over finesse; expect quick-launching shots that are deaf to most other marching orders; elevates shots out of heavy lies—just gouge and go; many testers find the Fly-Z iron to be relatively agile, given its clubhead size.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: A cordial club, hard not to hit well; these plain straight-shooters resist curvature and keep the ball in a tight corridor; long irons are just about as forgiving as any hybrid.
DISTANCE CONTROL: In general, great swings produce about the same distance as so-so ones do; the longer irons pack a wallop, with a high trajectory and low spin.
FEEL: It’s stable and easy to get moving, with a good, weighty balance that slower swingers might enjoy; hammers through the ground without telling you much about how it met the ball.
LOOK: The Fly-Z has a high-tech, almost mechanical appearance; some guys sense that all the gear tricks known to man are on the head; generous size skews closer to the max game-improvement category, with lots of mass low and away from the face.


The hot face costs a few panelists a bit of consistency on scoring shots; many guys prefer something smaller, slimmer and simpler.

BOTTOM LINE: The Fly-Z iron falls on the friendlier end of the game-improvement spectrum. Higher-handicappers and even some seniors looking for top-notch forgiveness could benefit here.

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From the December 2014 Issue of Golf Magazine

Cobra’s new Fly-Z irons ($799 steel, $899 graphite) are designed to provide balanced performance for players of all ability levels. A visible “speed channel,” in the sole and behind the clubface is made to provide higher COR and rebound at impact, creating faster ballspeeds and distance on shots struck across a wide area of the clubface. Enhanced feel is provided by a Urethane cavity insert located behind the clubface that dampens vibration at impact while a deep cavity that undercuts the heel and toe leads to greater forgiveness on off-center hits.

The Fly-Z irons are available in stock black or a choice of four custom colors (white, blue, orange, red) and come standard with two hybrids and seven irons (3-4h, 5-GW), but can also be ordered with a variety of iron and hybrid combinations. Stock shafts are 95g FST Steel or Matrix graphite. — Rob Sauerhaft

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