Cobra Fly Z+ Fairway Woods Review: ClubTest 2015

April 22, 2015

Cobra Fly-Z+ Fairway Woods


Category: Better-Player Fairway Woods
Price: $250
3/4 (adjusts 13° to 16°) with Matrix VLCT ST graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The SmartPad sole design enables the face to set up square, even after loft adjustments.


PLAYABILITY: The 3/4-wood produces a piercing ball flight that’s great for keeping shots under control and out of the wind; no holds barred—you can move it however you want with a good swing; it’s a pretty strong performer off the tee.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: With flush contact, finds the target just as well as many fairway woods; reliable on anything struck near the middle of the face—treats you like an old friend when you catch it slightly on the toe.
DISTANCE: About what you’d expect on shots struck from the fairway; pretty good zip off the tee when you catch it right.
FEEL: Seems like the face squashes the ball at impact; a strong sensation when you nail it off the tee; impact with the Fly-Z+ is never unpleasant, even on slight misses.
LOOK: Guys like the choice of head colors, particularly the blue finish; between the bright crown and black clubface, the contrast makes it easy to aim properly; attractive shape and paint job leave nothing to distract you at address.


Off-center strikes with the Fly-Z+ don’t seem to get as much help as some testers would like; a few guys want more distance; ball flight isn’t quite as high as other models.

BOTTOM LINE: The Cobra Fly-Z+ is a strong hitter that looks cool and feels good. The adjustable hosel is a very useful feature as well.

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NEXT REVIEW: Nike Vapor Flex Fairway Woods

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