ClubTest 2017: TaylorMade TP Collection Juno putter review

May 16, 2017

CATEGORY: Blade Putters

PRICE: $200

WE TESTED: 35″ shaft length

KEY TECHNOLOGY: A rich color, attractive shaping and subtle sightline add to the high-end look.

Buy Now for $199.99


Buy Now for $199.99

“A winner in every way. The Juno looks better each time you stroke a flawless putt.”


Tinkerers wish the putter included additional weight screws for customizing feel; a few would like to see a longer alignment line; doesn’t offer quite as much forgiveness as one or two need.

Bottom Line

A strong all-around performer and one of the better blades tested, the TaylorMade TP Collection Juno combines great looks, lovely feel and reliability at a decent price. Blade purists should definitely take note.