ClubTest 2017: Mizuno JPX 900 driver review

February 8, 2017

CATEGORY: Game Improvement Drivers

PRICE: $500

WE TESTED: 9.5° (adjusts 7.5° to 11.5°) with Fujikura Speeder Evolution II (569, 661 and 757) graphite shafts.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: Manipulating two 8-gram weights in the heel, toe or along the center rail fine-tunes launch, spin and directional bias.

Buy It Now for $499.99


Buy It Now for $499.99


Average power with exemplary consistency; many testers hit flat-launching, long-running drives; it’s worth getting the adjustability set up properly — extra yards are in there.


One of the most adjustable clubs on the market — you can build pretty much any driver you want, and our testers had a good time tinkering; the pre-flight controls clearly impact launch, shape and spin; tends to fly lower than others in this class.


While some guys like the blue paint job, just as many dismiss it; top-end distance lags a step behind some peers; loud, clangy sound turns off testers; you may need the help of a pro to correctly set it up.

[image:13813624 graph-image]

Bottom Line

It trades a little yardage for better consistency, but golf’s a lot more fun from the short grass. Give the JPX 900 a whack if you seek a personalized driver that splits a few more fairways.

Listen to the JPX 900 at Impact

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