ClubTest 2017: Cobra King F7 irons review

February 23, 2017

CATEGORY: Game Improvement Irons

PRICE: $700, steel; $800, graphite (for 7)

WE TESTED: 4-GW with True Temper King F7 steel and 4-GW with Fujikura Pro 63i graphite shafts.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: The King F7 is composed of hollow (3-5), half-hollow (6-7), cavity-back (8-PW) and blade (GW, SW) heads.

Buy Them Now for $699.99


Buy Them Now for $699.99


One of the highest-flying irons in the group—you’ll launch it like the ball is teed up, even off bare ground; straight shots to soft draws are the norm; long irons fly higher than their single-length counterparts.“They’ll make you think you’ve got real talent!”

Distance Control

Similar numbers to what most guys expect, though it seems to trade some length for lift; reasonable gaps for a strong-lofted set; respectable distance from trouble spots; blade gap wedge has a killer instinct geared toward better players.


Many testers are at the mercy of the club—it’s a smooth ride, but you’re in the passenger seat; some guys want bigger power numbers; several find the single-length set more forgiving.

Bottom Line

Higher-handicappers, take note: the King F7 is a true game-improvement weapon, delivering lots of forgiveness with minimal maneuverability and rare extreme results. This well-made, multi-construction set should suit moderate and slower swingers who seek an altitude adjustment.