ClubTest 2017: 34 new hybrids and fairway woods tested and rated!

April 18, 2017

Edited by Rob Sauerhaft; Reviews by Michael Chwasky, Mark Dee and Alana Johnson

Ready, aim, fire! The latest long-game tools boast cool technologies—such as movable weights, loft adjustability and clever sole designs—to help you split fairways, hit greens, and much more. Our 40-player panel tested 16 fairway woods and 18 hybrids at World Golf Village Resort in St. Augustine, Fla., and Hot Stix Golf custom-fit each tester and recorded data using TrackMan.

With two club categories—Better Player (more maneuverable) and Game Improvement (more forgiving)—it’s easy to find the gear for you. So scroll down the page—and come out swinging.

[productgrid:Game Improvement Hybrids|13836654,13844006,13844026,13844044,13844194,13844214,13845100,13836667,13845114;Better Player Hybrids|13845145,13845162,13845852,13845868,13845877,13845889,13845906,13845953,13845962;GI Fairway Woods|13845973,13846020,13846030,13846037,13846045,13846129,13846142,13846153,13846163;BP Fairway Woods|13846375,13846391,13846416,13846428,13846436,13846446,13846461]