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ClubTest 2017: 19 new drivers tested and rated!

February 13, 2017

Edited by Rob Sauerhaft; Reviews by Michael Chwasky, Mark Dee and Alana Johnson

We’re having a party, and you’re invited: ClubTest turns 25 this year. Once again, our annual ballstriking extravaganza lets savvy, everyday golfers just like you rate the latest gear.

Our four-part series begins with detailed reviews of 19 red-hot drivers. Today’s drivers are mighty complex, with multimaterial designs packed with movable weights and adjustable settings. Finding the right one for you may seem daunting, but we can help.

Our 40 ClubTesters hit thousands of shots on the range and on the course at the World Golf Village Resort in St. Augustine, Fla. Our research partner, Hot Stix Golf, custom-fit each tester and used TrackMan to record valuable info.

We took this mountain of analysis and data and drilled down to the essentials, funneling our findings into three driver groupings: Better Player (most maneuverable), Game Improvement, and Max Game Improvement (most forgiving). And in each review, the “Hot Stix Take” includes that model’s launch, spin and forgiveness characteristics. So scroll down and enjoy, your new driver awaits!

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