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Cleveland’s stroke-saving wedges will lift your short game to new heights

September 19, 2017


$130, steel; $140 graphite

This lightweight, easygoing wedge is designed to complete a cavity-back set of sticks without missing a beat; the lower lofts are lighter and more compact to blend with the irons, while the higher lofts have a traditional wedge profile. With the cavity design, more mass is located around the perimeter of the head and in the sole to increase forgiveness. And for a solid feel, a shorter hosel with a micro-cavity positions the center of gravity closer to where you impact the ball.

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For control, the face sports U-shaped grooves to boost spin, along with laser-milled lines between the grooves and a micro-milling pattern that changes by loft (as with the company’s RTX-3 wedge). A V-shaped sole with more bounce toward the leading edge improves turf interaction, while a narrower heel lets you hit open-face shots. The CBX is available in 2° loft increments, with Dynamic Gold 115 steel and Rotex Precision graphite shafts.


$120, steel; $130 graphite

Take the stress out of your wedge game with the Smart Sole 3S. The third-generation line comes in two models—the 3S (sand) and 3C (chipper)—both of which have a new three-tiered sole that allows the heads to slide more quickly through turf and sand.

As before, the 58° 3S has a wide, forgiving sole designed to help you blast out of bunkers without having to open the face. The 42° 3C minimizes fat and thinned shots, while a shorter club length and upright lie promote a putting motion.

Both have a more centered CG (center of gravity) to tighten dispersion and improve feel.