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Check out Michelle Wie’s new Harry Potter-themed wedges

March 23, 2017

Michelle Wie is hoping for some added magic around the greens.

Wie’s new Callaway wedges are Harry Potter-themed, complete with spells, broomsticks and lightning bolts. After reaching out the Callaway team via direct message on Instagram, Anthony Taranto, the wedge art specialist, got to work. Taranto didn’t get any specific instructions from Wie about the designs, so he was able to get creative.

The results are stellar, and fitting for such a devoted fan as Wie. In a 2003 New York Times story, her love for the book series was introduced in the fourth paragraph. “I finished the new one,” the 13-year-old Wie said. “I’ve read them all except the third one.” We’re guessing that a teenage Wie would be satisfied with the final product below.