Introducing Big Bertha REVA: Callaway’s new women’s-exclusive line

2023 REVA callaway

Callaway's REVA women's line includes extremely forgiving irons.

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Callaway’s Big Bertha line has always been about offering the most forgiving clubs possible, making this frustrating game just a little more manageable. In 2023 that looks like the 2023 Big Bertha, and also the new Big Bertha REVA, which offers a line exclusively engineered for women who want more distance, accuracy, and confidence from their set.

The REVA line from Callaway has been specifically designed for the female golfer Callaway Golf

“We’re proud to be making the best performance products for women,” said Kim Johnson, who leads the Women’s Task Force at Callaway. “We’re No. 1 on the LPGA Tour, and we make something for every woman no matter where they are in their golf journey. You’re going to see a lot of effort from the women’s task force at Callaway, we have a lot of different opinions based on a lot of consumer insights. We’ve done a ton of research with LPGA players all the way to women who are just starting in the game.”

Prices and availability

The new Big Bertha REVA driver is priced at $499, while the fairway woods are $299, and hybrids are $259 each. Big Bertha REVA irons are available in a stock 5-PW set and are priced at $1,099, and individual irons are from $183 and up. Callaway is also offering an irons/hybrid set for $1,399.

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Big Bertha REVA driver

The Big Bertha REVA driver is designed for avid female golfers who want maximum forgiveness and distance and has been engineered specifically to create easy-to-launch shots.

Callaway Women’s Big Bertha REVA Driver

Big Bertha REVA Drivers are designed for avid and aspiring female players looking for maximum forgiveness and distance in an easy-to-launch package. From the generous profile at
 address to the high-strength XL face, these drivers are built for confidence, distance, and more fairways.

The REVA driver utilizes the same technology as the new standard Big Bertha, including A.I. designed Jailbreak, a triaxial carbon crown, an adjustable hosel design and a draw-biased center of gravity, but with every component from the head to the grip better optimized for weight reduction.

Fairway Woods and Hybrids

The fairway woods feature a confidence-inspiring shallow profile to make them forgiving off the tee and easy to elevate from the fairway where most players struggle to get the ball in the air consistently. To further help create launch, the fairway woods have on average 3 degrees more loft than the standard Big Bertha, and lighter overall weight to create more speed and spin for additional carry.


Women’s Big Bertha REVA Fairway Woods

Some golfers try to avoid using a fairway wood; they just can’t make consistent contact off of the ground or they don’t hit it as well as they would like to. Big Bertha REVA is here to change all that – it’s Callaway’s easiest to launch women’s fairway wood that’s engineered to give you more distance any way you swing it.

The hybrids offer high launch and forgiveness thanks to precision-located tungsten to help approach shots fly higher. The REVA hybrids are available all the way down to a 9-iron replacement to help golfers at the lowest end of the speed spectrum get the ball in the air easier.


Callaway Women’s Big Bertha REVA Hybrid

The Big Bertha REVA Hybrid is built for women who want to unlock their inner distance with a total forgiveness package. This is Callaway’s easiest to launch women’s hybrid, with a larger head volume that’s designed to help you get rid of the big miss that spins off line. When you hit it straighter, you hit it longer…it’s just that simple. And they’ve used significant research and testing with women to create optimized lofts, swingweights, and shaft lengths to help you hit it a lot farther.


The Big Bertha REVA irons feature custom-tuned lofts, swing weights, and components designed to help female golfers launch the ball higher and easier with next-level forgiveness. This is achieved with help of precision tungsten weighting inside and outside of the head to progressively push the center of gravity lower through the set to increase launch.

“This is a core iron for the women’s game,” Johnson said, “and compared to Big Bertha the tungsten is positioned differently to help create a design for women. It’s a confidence-inspiring iron, and the number one thing women want is the same thing men want from their clubs which is distance, and this iron delivers that.”


Callaway Women’s Big Bertha REVA Irons

Our Big Bertha REVA irons are engineered with women in mind. Featuring bespoke lofts, swingweights, shafts, and even tungsten, the Big Bertha REVA irons are designed to help female golfers launch it higher and easier with outstanding forgiveness and powerful distance.

Women’s Big Bertha REVA Irons/Hybrids Combo Set

In our Big Bertha REVA Combo Set, the hybrids blend seamlessly together to help swing the game in your favor. Each club in this set is engineered for women who want to launch the ball higher with outstanding forgiveness and powerful distance.

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