Callaway Tour Limited Wedges: First Look

November 1, 2016
wedge 1.jpg

Anyone who has lusted after the custom stamped and paint filled wedges they’ve seen on Tour is in luck, as Callaway’s new Tour Limited Wedge Program will make those same type of products available to the general public.

The new program will offer a limited number of wedges every month, each one designed by none other than Roger Cleveland and paint filled, sand blasted, and custom stamped by Anthony Taranto, who does all the custom work for Callaway’s Tour staff.

Though consumers won’t be able to choose the customization themselves, Taranto will create limited edition designs of his choosing, which can be purchased on a first come, first served basis.

Some wedges will be sold individually and some will be sold in sets, with prices varying depending on the design of each individual wedge or wedge set.