I Tried It: The CaddieBike is fun on-and-off the course (and it’s on sale!)

The CaddieBike Rambler

The CaddieBike is one of the best new golf products the author tried in 2022


This is I tried it, a new series where we write about golf items — apparel, gear, accessories, etc. — that we’ve recently taken out for a spin. We’re here to give our honest, no-frills takes on the latest and greatest golf or golf-adjacent items. In this edition, we’ll take a close look at the CaddieBike. So, scroll down to read about what we love (or don’t) about golf’s newest (or new to us) products.

The CaddieBike Rambler is the best new product I tried this year, and I tried *a lot* of new golf products this year. I had more fun on the course using a Rambler than I have in a long time. The best part? It’s just as much fun off the course. 

This e-bike can reach up to 25 mph and rides just as smoothly as a seven-speed bike without the added battery power. When not in golf use, the back hatch screws off to make the CaddieBike Rambler a versatile ride. There’s even a motorcycle-grade headline for dew-sweeper golfers or twilight-round rides home. 

What I liked: The ride. That might feel like a broad, undescriptive answer and, well, it is. You need to ride the CaddieBike on the course to understand yourself. I had an entirely different feeling than I’ve ever had on the course before. I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, and I probably won’t. But my guess is the CaddieBike provides a small glimpse into the freedom motorcycle enthusiasts feel on the open road when you hit an open fairway. 

An underrated feature of the CaddieBike is its brakes. I’m not exactly an adrenaline junkie who likes to go fast. Hitting 25 mph on an e-bike isn’t something I’m going to do without safety assurances. After giving the breaks a full run-through, I was extremely impressed. 

The thing I enjoy most about the CaddieBike is that it’s more a lifestyle product than a golf product. Frankly, I use it more off the course. My time on the course with the CaddieBike is the cherry on top. The CaddieBike is a lifestyle changer. 

The CaddieBike Rambler

Starting at $2,195 for a limited-time only!
The CaddieBike Rambler is a blast on-and-off the course

What I didn’t like: The CaddieBike Rambler weighs just over 70 lbs. It’s not the easiest thing to pick up and move around in a garage. While the weight isn’t ideal, I also view it as a positive for how well it’s built. The CaddieBike is made to last and you can feel that in each part. There’s no cheap plastic to be found here. 

If you’re not a long hitter, it can be a tad embarrassing to jump on the CaddieBike and ride to your topped 3-wood shot that only went a few yards. Not that it happened to me or anything…

What surprised me: The assembly is easy! Seriously, it is. I’m not handy at all and I had no issues putting it together. This won’t be an Ikea-like adventure during the assembly process… 

Overall, the CaddieBike gets my stamp of approval. While it’s not something I want to take with me on the course for every round, it will certainly make any round I use the CaddieBike that much more fun. This is more than a novelty item. Give the CaddieBike a try, and I bet you take it out for a second ride. 

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