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Launch monitors are all the rage for professional golfers these days. If you walk a range at a PGA Tour event, you’ll see nearly everyone tinkering with their specs based on data from their personal launch monitors. And while it might seem like that’s a luxury reserved for a lucky few, we’ve got good news: These aren’t just for pros anymore!

While most launch monitors run several thousand dollars per unit, there are more affordable options on the market. Take the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, for example. The unit uses the power of your iPhone or iPad to provide you with immediate feedback on a range of factors such as distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, smash factor, launch angle and more.

The unit typically retails for $499.99, but thanks to this sweet Black Friday deal, you can get it for $100 off. The deal runs from today through Dec. 6, so don’t hesitate! Check out the deal below.

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Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

The only launch monitor that uses your mobile device to provide instant feedback on your swing. The Rapsodo MLM analyzes everything from launch data, club and ball speed to club recognition and shot trace visualization, all with instant video replay capability. It uses satellite range mapping technology for pinpoint distance accuracy. The MLM gives you the opportunity to train like the pros, with insightful data that helps you to develop your game with every shot. This device will not be able to give accurate information if you are hitting into a net, only when the ball is able to make a full flight.
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