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Bill Murray Introduces Line of ‘Irreverent’ Golf Apparel

September 21, 2016

Ever wanted to channel Bill Murray’s on-course style? Now you can snap up some of that daring Pro-Am fashion for yourself with Murray’s new line of golf apparel, produced in partnership with the Chive.

The William Murray Golf line is being touted as an irreverent answer to your grandpa’s staid polos and pressed khakis. Truth be told, the clothes aren’t that ridiculous—if you’re looking for over-the-top golf apparel, John Daly’s Loudmouth pants collection is still the way to go. The line does have a couple of fun options: a shirt inspired by the Chicago Cubs’ jerseys, polos patterned with spilled cocktail glasses, and shorts with plaid pockets. The full line of apparel launches on October 20.

Still, when it comes to Bill Murray we’ve come to expect truly unconventional attire. For example, where is the camouflage jumpsuit he wore in 2012, a masterpiece that was adorned with hanging leaves? Where are the cowhide printed pants? Or the train-conductor-esque combo of red polka dot cap and suspenders? We can only hope that Bill adds a few more of his Pebble Beach standbys to the offerings.