Bettinardi BB8 Putter Review: ClubTest 2016

May 17, 2016



CATEGORY: Blade Putters
PRICE: $300
WE TESTED: 34″, 35″ lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A honeycomb milling pattern gives it a slightly firmer feel than the Studio Stock 6.


DISTANCE CONTROL: Well-fashioned strokes send the ball on a pure, tight line, free of skips or surprises in speed; firmer face gets you within the leather from long-range time after time.
FEEL: Inspiring touch—makes our testers feel like surgeons; impact is solid and firm, with a distinct, addictive click; easy to locate the head during the stroke.
LOOK: One of the testers’ favorites; the rich, dark finish reflects a rainbow of hues depending on how it catches the light; squared-off shape frames the ball with precision; lime-green paint fills add a little edge to the elegance.


Misses lose significant distance; some guys prefer a heavier feel and a softer face; not everyone can make out the subtle silver alignment line.

BOTTOM LINE: The Bettinardi BB8 is one of the top-rated blades. It feels great and looks better, and you can execute your putting plan to a T. This could work well for a wide range of players.


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