Just in: AutoFlex releases 2 new wood shafts

Images of the 2024 AutoFlex Dream 7 and AutoFlex Joy shafts.

AutoFlex has two new shafts for 2024.

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Tiger Woods called it “that whippy a** shaft” to Lee Trevino, but there’s a good reason the AutoFlex driver shaft has a place in Lee Trevino’s bag.

The recognizable, but also mysterious, black and pink shaft has also made it into the bags of other PGA Tour pros, and even some of your more fortunate club buddies. If you’ve ever wanted to give it a try, now might be the best time to do it.

AutoFlex has just released two brand new models for 2024: The AutoFlex Dream 7 and the AutoFlex Joy 365.

Both of the new shafts build on the original with the second generation of the secretive Korean Hidden Technology fused with advanced Japanese carbon fiber.

AutoFlex Dream 7 Driver Shaft

Experience golfing transcendence with the autoFlex Dream 7 Driver Shaft—a fusion of cutting-edge Japanese carbon fiber and second-gen KHT (Korean Hidden Technology). This shaft redefines power and stability, offering a slightly softer feel and an upgraded tip section for enhanced impact performance. Say goodbye to the old; embrace the future with the autoFlex Dream 7, where seven becomes your lucky number in the pursuit of golfing greatness.
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The AutoFlex Dream 7 is a more stable version of the original and features a softer feel and an upgraded tip section for enhanced impact performance.

AutoFlex Joy 365 Driver Shaft

Introducing the AutoFlex Joy 365 Driver Shaft—a cutting-edge marvel for beginner, lady, and junior golfers. Crafted from advanced Japanese carbon fiber and 2nd gen KHT (Korean Hidden Technology), this game-changing shaft offers a softer feel and added kick for increased launch, ensuring an enhanced golfing experience 365 days a year. The ultimate game-changer for slower-swinging players, perfect for juniors, ladies, or seniors seeking a smoother swing.
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The AutoFlex Joy 365 is aimed at juniors, seniors and beginner golfers. The shaft is also softer than the original, but with an added kick to increase launch, making it easier for slower-swinging players to get the ball in the air.

Both shafts come in five different colors (different options between the two) and the same six flex and weight options. AutoFlex shafts are fitted to players based on swing speed and the weights increase for faster swinging players, ranging from 37 grams to 59 grams.

The flex options are:

  • SF305 for 65-75 MPH swing speed
  • SF305X for 75-85 MPH swing speed
  • SF405 for 85-95 MPH swing speed
  • SF405X for 95-100 MPH swing speed
  • SF505 for 100-105 MPH swing speed
  • SF505X for 105-115 MPH swing speed

Both shafts are available now on 

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