2 simple tips to make more putts, according to one of the PGA Tour’s best putters

Aaron Baddeley

Few players have had more success on the greens over the past 20 years than Aaron Baddeley.

Jeremy McKnight/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When one of the best putters over the last two decades speaks, you listen. During a recent episode of GOLF’s “Fully Equipped” podcast, True Spec Golf ambassador and four-time PGA Tour winner Aaron Baddeley offered tips for long-lasting success on the greens.

1. Make it simple

“I just try and hole it. It sounds funny, but it’s like throwing to first base. When you pick it up at short-stop or third, you’re not thinking of how to plant your feet. You’re not thinking of what position your elbow needs to be in or when you’re going to release it — you just look at first and where you want the ball to go. Same goes when putting.”

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2. Measure your aim

“Aim is priority number one. If you can’t aim the face where you want to hit it, it makes it very difficult to start the ball where you want. Aiming the face where you need it allows you to get good feedback.”

You can listen to Baddeley’s full appearance on the Fully Equipped podcast below.

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