10 favorite golf things our staff added to their bags this year

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Things we tried and thought, "Yep, that's coming home with me."


Welcome to Our Picks, where we fill you in on the newest and hottest golf equipment and accessories. Today, we’re featuring 10 favorite golf things our staff added to their bags this year.

Last time, we featured six golf items our staff can’t live without, which you can read by tapping here.

Here at GOLF, all of us are constantly trying new golf equipment, clubs, accessories, etc., and paying incredibly close attention to who is wearing and using what on Tour. On top of having a passion for golf in general, we do this so we can let you know what’s truly the best of the best.

10 favorite items GOLF Staff added to their bags

Most golfers can relate to the feeling of finding that piece of equipment that just fits perfectly into your game and lifestyle, so here’s our list of those things that just work so well for us. Maybe you’ll love these golf items as much as we do.

Ping G430 Custom Hybrid

Nick Piastowski (Senior Editor)—Before these, I struggled with longer irons. And other variations of hybrids. It was maddening. Specifically, the miss with hybrids had been an awful top. But no more! I’m extremely confident in the Ping G430 Hybrid. And it wasn’t just me. I went to a range recently with a friend who also mishit hybrids — and she was hitting the Pings pure.

Ping G430 Custom Hybrid

The PING G430 Hybrid is loaded with innovations like Carbonfly Wrap, PING’s newest technology and the key to more distance and green-holding stopping power. Alongside proven technologies Facewrap Technology and Spinsistency, they deliver the speed and performance golfers need to take on any approach shot. With six loft options (2H/17°, 3H/19°, 4H/22°, 5H/26°, 6H/30°, 7/34°) they are ideal mid- and long-iron replacements to help fill distance gaps in a player’s game. CARBONFLY WRAP The lightweight composite crown wraps into the heel and toe sections of the skirt, creating weight savings of 10 grams which are reallocated to achieve the lower the CG and increase ball speed. The composite also plays a role in the pleasing sound. FACE WRAP TECHNOLOGY FaceWrap Technology, a variable-thickness, high-strength maraging steel face wraps into the sole and crown of the stainless steel head, generating more flexing for faster ball speed and higher launch for greater distance. SPINSISTENCY The variable roll radius of Spinsistency improves performance across the face (especially on thin shots) by reducing spin to increase ball speed from the maraging steel face. TUNGSTEN BACK WEIGHT A tungsten back weight extends the perimeter weighting to ensure maximum forgiveness. TRAJECTORY TUNING The lightweight, 8-position hosel enables adjustments for loft (±1.5°) and lie (3° flatter than std.) to further dial in ball flight for the best results.
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G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0

Ryan Barath (Senior Editor, Equipment)—I truly never thought I say it, but an electric hand warmer has completely changed my golf game. Whether it be early spring or late fall, this hand warmer makes playing golf in colder weather so much more fun.

G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0

The Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0 introduces G-Tech’s patented “G-TECH HEAT”, a heating technology that delivers the fastest, hottest, and most concentrated heat on the market directly to your hands. The Heated Pouch has been specifically designed for professional athletes all around the world including players within the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour. And it’s been tailored to keep these professional athletes warm so that they can perform at the highest level possible.
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Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Cover

Tim Reilly (VP of Digital Programming)—This has been a game-changer for my golf travels. It’s the best piece of luggage I own. Sometimes I wheel it around the airport using just my pinky to show off. This travel bag has made it enjoyable to bring my clubs everywhere.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Cover

Dense foam padding through the top of the bag protects your clubs; the leg mechanism supports the weight of your bag; and the pivoting wheels make the bag highly maneuverable. Pulling a loaded ClubGlider is nearly effortless.

Ping Moonlite Golf Bag

Dylan Dethier (Senior Writer)— I like to be able to play golf on a whim and on the go — and I like to walk. Ping’s Moonlite bag is lightweight, it’s low-profile and it still has space for all my stuff. Any day I’m slinging that thing over my shoulder is a good one. (I got one last year, but then I got another one this year for the old set of clubs I keep at my parents’ house, just to really feel like I’m living in luxury.)

Ping Moonlite Golf Bag

Ultra-lightweight and comfortable to allow you to easily walk 18 holes with access to everything you need.

The Short Game Gains Putting Mirror

Tim Reilly (VP of Digital Programming)—After a lifetime of scoffing at non-Tour pros using a putter mirror on the practice green, I finally decided it was time to give it a shot. My only regret is not doing it sooner. I’ve learned a lot about my putting stroke for the better.

Short Game Gains Signature Stainless Steel Putting Mirror

Your golf practice just got way more effective! The Signature Stainless Steel Putting Mirror is made of high-strength stainless steel and gives you picture-perfect clarity (no weird distortion!) when you look down at the ball. It has an included ruler for measuring stance and setup, and the ruler doubles as a shoulder alignment mirror when you flip it over. Genius! It’s double-sided. plus it comes with adhesive silicone protection strips to keep your putter from scratching the surface without affecting the roll of the ball. With slots in key points to make your own tee gates, you can work on setup, path, eye line, start line, and more at one single station. Indoor Practice? No problem. Use the included marbles for start line work in the off-season.  
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Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40

James Colgan (News and Features Editor)—I started traveling with a tub of Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen and it legitimately changed my life for the better. Fellas, we’re taking care of our skin in 2024, and we’re starting with Supergoop. You can thank me later.

All Skin Types – Natural Finish

Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40

$22 – $76
This cult favorite is the original invisible sunscreen! With an oil-free formula & a natural finish, this innovative, antioxidant-rich essential glides onto skin to provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB & infrared protection while helping to filter blue light. Bonus: It doubles as a makeup-gripping primer!


Connor Federico (Senior Manager, Video)—The GHIN app from the USGA. Sure, you might already be putting your scores in here. But the net hole-by-hole match play function and the course GPS have been super helpful and made rounds at new courses way more fun.

Over 100 years of quality headwear

United States Golf Association GHIN

GHIN is one of the largest handicap management tools in the world, serving more than 2 million golfers and 15,000 golf clubs.

Ping i230 Custom Irons

Jonathan Wall (Managing Equipment Editor)—These might be the best irons I’ve ever played. Seriously. They consistently hit my number in the right window. My confidence has gone up a TON since I put them in the bag. Great turf interaction, minimalist look, thin topline. I could go on and on. They’re a ton of fun if you’re a better player but still need some semblance of heel-toe forgiveness.

Ping i230 Custom Irons

Already a winner on Tour, the players-style i230 iron delivers consistent and predictable distance control with tighter dispersion for hitting precise yardages. An activated elastomer insert creates discretionary weight to lower the CG for more distance while enhancing feel and sound in conjunction with a multi-material badge. A more rounded lead edge ensures smooth turf interaction for clean strikes and MicroMax grooves produce consistent performance from wet and dry grass. PERFORMANCE PACKED. TOUR PROVEN. More distance and control. Increased MOI, tighter dispersion. Elevated impact experience All-weather control  MICROMAX™ GROOVES Fully machined face and grooves Consistent launch and spin in long irons Short-iron control and spin retent ion in wet conditions
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Garmin Approach® S70

Jessica Markbury (Multimedia Editor)—This watch is the cool gadget I never knew I needed! I love the smaller face size and the multitude of functions on the Approach S70. It’s a watch you can wear every day, not just on the course.

Garmin Approach® S70

$649.99 – $699.99
Meet Approach S70, the premium GPS golf watch with the tools and insights you’ll need to improve your game both on and off the course. Available in two sizes and three colors.

Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized Rangefinder

Sean Zak (Writer, Podcaster)—I wasn’t a rangefinder truther until I got my hands on this one. The tech inside locks the viewfinder into place when you need it most, as if you’re a sniper.

SAVE $50

Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized Rangefinder

$399.95 (was $449.95)
The premium OLED display provides clear, bright and sharp images, so you’re more likely to nail your shots. Give your game an edge with the Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized rangefinder.
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